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vernments became part of ▓the revenue of local governments, which made arrange▓ments for their utilization. Transfer payments from the central government accounted for


an average of 38% of local government spending nationwide and 54.4% in the central and western regions.▓ Revenue of local governments total

  • r 26.5%, re▓presenting 106.1%
  • of the target. This total consist
  • s of 428.219 billion yuan in tax reb
  • ates, up 3.9%, 869.649 billion yuan in
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ed 5.159052 trillion yuan, an increase of 988.001 billion yuan or 23.7%▓, equivalent to 106.4% of the target. This consists o


f 2.864491 trillion yuan collected by local governments and 2.294561 trillion yuan in tax rebat▓es and transfer payments from the central government. Local government expenditures totaled 4.999265 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.079057 trillion yuan or 27.5%, equivalent to 103.1% of the target. This total

consists of 4.905272 trillion▓ yuan spent by local governments and 93.993 billion ▓yuan turned over to the central government. Revenue exceeded expenditures, leaving a surplus of 159.787 billion yuan, which mainly came from the su▓rplus revenue in the central and loc

a 22% increas e, and 996.693 billion yua n in speci al transf▓er payments, a 44.6 % increase. The large incr ease in this last item was ▓mainly du e to the huge increa se in expend itures required to subsi dize key local ▓programs such as educatio n and medical and heal th care. Tax r▓ebates and tra nsfer paymen ts turned over to local go 睢宁县5G 开阳县5G 资中县5G 大庆市5G 普定县wap 远安县wap 黎平县5G 大宁县5G 阿城市wap 镇江市wap 保定市wap 雅安市wap 冕宁县wap 安福县5G 甘孜县5G 陕县5G 天镇县wap 湘阴县5G 河东区5G 彰武县5G 传奇私服补丁怎么放 传奇私服1.80合击版 新开传奇私服sf123 传奇私服看不到技能栏 网页传奇私服开服表 传奇私服gm 冰雪版本传奇私服开服表 传奇私服版本制作教程 传奇私服网站新开网迷失 好传奇私服发布网新开